Hi, I'm Toro (she/her), and I really love to paint fantasy characters in anime and semi-realistic style!

Concept/visual dev


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What I draw

Anime or semi-realistic style character art, concept art, background/environment art, character sheets. Soft NSFW accepted.

What I won't draw

Hardcore NSFW, pedophilia, necrophilia, vore, completely non-human characters/furries

Commission me



Commission prices

(Prices in USD)

Anime style:

  • Bust: ~$100
  • Half body: ~$140
  • Full body: ~$180
  • Full Illustration: ~$220+
  • Additional background: +$30
  • Couple illustration with bg: ~$400
  • Character sheet: Full body: ~$360

Semi-realistic style:

  • Bust: ~$200
  • Half body: ~$260
  • Full body: ~$320
  • Additional Background: +$50-$70
  • Full illustration with background: ~$380+
  • Couple Illustration (halfbody): $500
  • Couple Illustration (fullbody): $600

Other information

  • Payment all in USD through Paypal invoicing.
  • Refunds on 50% payment before sketch is delivered only applicable if I'm unable to deliver promised sketch before pre-discussed deadline or art takes more than 6 months to deliver.
  • Art will all be A4-sized, 300dpi, watermarked version for social media posting
  • Base prices are all for PERSONAL usage only, COMMERCIAL usage for vtube/youtube/publishing purposes must be discussed beforehand.