Buttermilk is a platform to showcase, discover & support artists in Malaysia

We want to help you to discover local artists in the Malaysian scene easily and quickly on this platform, without searching through the web. Find all kinds of artists who do art on their canvases here.

From digital illustrators, fan-artists, concept artists to traditional painters, find them all here.

This platform is all for diversity and inclusivity, regardless of gender, gender identity, age, race, sexual orientation, lifestyle, status, disability, and religion. Any discrimination, prejudice, hate, and harassment shall not be tolerated.

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If you're not an artist:


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This could mean: following their social media pages, sharing their art (with permission), buying their work, and/or commissioning an artwork.


Post a job with us!

If you're hiring artists for work, submit a job with us to find candidates. Consider hiring and supporting local Malaysian artists instead. It's free!


Find speakers

If you're looking for someone for your next webinar, conference, video or podcast, reach out to some of the brilliant local artists we have.

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