maree 🍑

A hobbyist artist who creates watercolour paintings, digital art and YouTube animatics. I love bright colours, fictional characters and my island, Penang.



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What I draw

✧Original Characters


✧Portraits of real people

✧Ship art

✧Animal characteristics (cat ears etc.)

✧ Landscapes

✧Light NSFW/partial nudity

What I won't draw

▼Heavy NSFW



▼Very detailed works

▼ Anything I feel uncomfortable drawing

Commission me


2-3 weeks

Commission prices

All prices are in USD.

Malaysian clients will have different prices in MYR

See Link above for more info

Other information

Extra details/characters = extra cost

Traditional commissions will be around B5 size on 300gsm watercolour paper

Digital commissions will be in a flat colour style with simple shading.

Payment through one of the following:

a) Paypal invoice

b) Ko-fi donations

c) Bank transfer

See Link above for more info