Yan / codenameyan

She/they. I do custom commissioned illustration for people's game characters. So happens that it's the game series I adore to bits, which is Dragon Age.



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What I draw

Any characters (OCs to canon characters) from any fandom. Just be sure to provide references and a bit of info about the characters (especially if they aren’t in the Bioware or Assassin’s Creed fandom). The more the merrier!

If it’ll help explain the character, feel free to provide characteristics or defining moments in your OC’s life.

What I won't draw

nsfw/explicit nudity, furries, mecha (only because my drawing skills aren’t at that level yet). I will also turn down anything I find objectionable (we can hash it out via email if you’re unsure!)

Complicated jewelry, tattoos, scars and backgrounds would cost more. This can be further discussed via email.

Commission me


2 - 4 weeks. I’ll be in contact if I need to extend due to work, etc.

Commission prices


Other information

  • Payments are done through Paypal and the currency is USD$. (For Malaysian clients, let me know if you want to pay in ringgit and/or prefer bank transfers)
  • DOCUMENT SIZE: A4 @ 300dpi. If you have a specific crop, let me know :)
  • DELIVERABLES: 2 .png files (a full-res and a web-friendly version). Sometimes I throw in a couple of crops and a process gif too!