A self-taught and freelance digital artist, fueled with milk tea 24/7.



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What I draw

I can draw anime/cartoon characters and OCs.

What I won't draw

I won't draw anything related to NFSW/R18, furry and mecha.

Commission me


Usually 1-2 weeks but also depends on how much detail it is.

Commission prices

Detailed commission (prices per character);

  • Full body - RM90 (full colored) | RM80 (monochrome)
  • Knee up - RM70 (full colored) | RM60 (monochrome)
  • Half body - RM50 (full colored) | RM40 (monochrome)
  • Chibi - RM 25 (additional character will be RM20, only up to 3 characters per picture)

Other information

  • For personal use only. Please contact me first for inquiry if it's commercial use.
  • No background or simple background (solid colour/shapes) if requested.
  • I have right to decline your request if it does not fit my style.
  • Detailed character will cost extra depends on the complexity.
  • Additional props (weapons, small pets etc) will be charged extra too.
  • I will only start once payment have been made.
  • Please give full reference of your character.
  • Your email will be needed for contact purpose and to send the finished piece.