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Calling for pitch submissions - illustrations and more!
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How it works:
  1. Tabung Pelangi is offering several mini grants to successful pitches. This is paid at project commencement.
  2. Applicants can choose to be solo or work as a team. Only one member needs to submit the application form.
  3. All applicants must be Malaysian. Applications are limited to LGBTQ+ individuals only. If in a team, all members must be Malaysian and be LGBTQ+.
  4. Applications are due 22nd April 2021. 
  5. After pitch selection, it’s time for creating, editing and compiling!
  6. We’ll be selling the zine online (as a digital PDF) between 15th July 2021 - 15th August 2021. At the end of the fundraising period, all funds will be donated to the BlueBird Project.
Want to submit a pitch? All it takes is 2 steps!

1. Read the full info sheet here:

2. Fill in the form linked in the info sheet! If you're in a team, only one of the members has to fill in this form

  • Pitch submission closes on 22nd April 2021, Thursday, 11:55pm (GMT+8)!Any questions feel free to reach out to us via email or DM!
  • Email:
Content Eligibility
  • We are looking for queer Malaysian stories. Comics should be inspired by queer Malaysian experiences.
  • Submissions can be fiction or non-fiction, any genre. Original works only. Existing work cannot be pitched. Perhaps you’d like to make something autobiographical? Or an epic fantasy tale? Or historical enemies-to-lovers?
  • Submissions must be in English. All other languages can be included, as long as there is an English translation.
  • Applicants can only pitch 1 story. Applicants within a team cannot apply again as an individual.

Company description

What is Story for a Cause (SFAC)? A not-for-profit anthology of comics, art, short stories and poems by queer Malaysians to raise funds for a selected local charity! We commission a few queer Malaysian creatives for a zine filled with their stories. Once the anthology has been compiled, we sell this online to raise funds for a good cause.

This year, the recipient is the BlueBird Project, managed by PLUHO Org. We will be raising funds to help with subsidising LGBTQ+ affirming mental health services that have been verified by PLUHO org. LGBTQ+ people face a higher risk of mental illness due to stigma, discrimination and criminalisation. In Malaysia, a single counselling session is on average RM150 and a session with a clinical psychologist RM250 or more. As a result, therapy is inaccessible to individuals who need them most. With the funds raised by SFAC, we hope to help make these services more accessible to LGBTQ+ Malaysians.