Nana Shaa

Hi~ my name is Aina Kurshiah and I am a full-time freelance artist. I mainly do both portraits and illustrations in various colors and strokes

Art movement


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What I draw

Portraits, cartoons, doodle, fanarts.

What I won't draw

NSFW, Nudity, furries, landscapes.

Commission me


1-2 weeks depending on the complexity of the design as well as the details.

Commission prices

Portraits / Illustration with frame

  • Black & White : RM90 (A4) , RM180 (A3)
  • Oil Pastel : RM 300 (A3)
  • Colour Pencil : RM250 (A3)

Digital Illustration, JPG & PNG

  • Headshot: RM 15 (flat colour), RM 20 (full render)
  • Bust: RM 25 (flat colour), RM30 (full render)
  • Full Figure : RM35 (flat colour), RM40 (full render)
  • background : Add RM10
  • *price per head

Doodle illustration, JPG & PNG (full render)

  • 200 x 250 mm (ig ratio) + border : RM 50
  • A4 + border : RM 60
  • 200 x 250 mm (ig ratio) full page : RM70
  • A4 full page : RM 80

*req for bigger size is acceptable, price range will be RM100-150 depending on the design.

Other information

Reference photo can be given via email.

*malaysian clients, can make payment via Bank Islam or Maybank.

*international clients can make payment via Paypal.

Price for Portraits and Illustration is not including postage fees.

Clients will be given 2 to 3 reviews for their orders to make sure it is as demanded.