Crispu is a small growing artist who gets stronger everyday. You can lure them out with cartoons, comics or games. Also loves sharing stories!!

Concept/visual dev


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What I draw

  • OCS
  • Fanart
  • Portrait of yourself, your friend, your significant other and etc
  • Pairing (ask me for extra character prices)
  • Banners and Icons (I have a special price for icon commissions in kofi)
  • Icons (ask me for the price)
  • Simple / Mild gore (blood is ok)
  • Partial Nudity (body must be covered)
  • Simple furry design (ask for the price)

What I won't draw

  • Complicated designs - otherwise I’ll charge extra
  • NSFW - partial nudity or pin ups are ok as long as they’re covered
  • Anything that makes me uncomfortable
Commission me



Commission prices

See link above.

Other information

  • Email me at following the commission form below. Please put your email title with COMMISSION - (YOUR NAME).
  • Give me your details (refer to commission form below)
  • Once I accept your commission I will send you a paypal invoice and a google form to agree to my TOS.
  • After I get your pay, I will start on your commission (depending on the waiting queue).

Commission form:

  • Your Preferred Name:
  • Your Request / Character (with visual reference and description):
  • Commission type (sketch, flat, shaded):
  • Size (bust, halfbody, fullbody) :
  • Your Paypal Email Address:
  • Your social medias (optional):